LCR – Constant Potential Charging System

  • Silicon controlled rectifier design.
  • Fan cooled
  • Analog timer available in ranges of 24, 48, and 70 hours at 60Hz
  • Digital timer with time range of 0.01 seconds to 999 hours
  • Use with Model BR10 and BR20
  • Float charging of valve regulated batteries
  • Product development of new battery systems
  • Laboratory charging
General Specifications

Voltage: 0-72V

Current: 0-150A

Circuits: 1

Accuracy: +0.1% of FS*

Input Power Supply: 3-phase, 50/60Hz


The LCR can charge constant current with or without a voltage limit. If a voltage limit is set, then the unit will charge constant current until the voltage limit is reached. It will then change constant potential with the charge current tapering to maintain the preset voltage. Three silicon controlled rectifiers and five diodes in conjunction with an inductive capacitive filter provide the regulation of the unit