Oxford Cryosystems

Oxford Cryosystems specializes in the design and manufacture of world class cryogenic devices. The company has a broad range of products aimed at low temperature data collection, from open flow coolers for single crystal diffraction to flat-plate chambers for powder diffraction. Our tangential product line is our range of single stage and two-stage GM coolers, which are finding uses in a range of applications, from our own XRD Cryostats to use in radioastronomy and HTS magnets.

Single Crystal Diffraction

Our range of open flow gas coolers are designed with single crystal diffraction in mind, with both nitrogen and helium devices available.

Powder Diffraction

Whether cooling samples in capillaries in transmission geometry or flat-plate powder samples in reflection geometry, Oxford Cryosystems has a solution. Our range of coolers now includes systems specifically designed for powder diffraction.

GM Cryocoolers

The Coolstar range comprises some of the most versatile and cost-effective Gifford McMahon (GM) Cryocoolers available today, offering fast cooling, long service intervals and easy OEM integration.

Control Software

CryoConnector is Oxford Cryosystems’ proprietary software, designed to allow users to monitor and control their systems from a PC. The software is entirely free and can be used with 700 series devices via the serial port on the controller, or on 800 series devices via serial port, USB and ethernet connections. CryoConnector allows you to replicate all the functions of your controller on a PC including Cool, Ramp, Hold and End and also ensures that log files can be collected, which can be invaluable in the event that technical support is required.

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