FTF: High Power & Voltage Pack Testing System

  • No performance loss under voltage control
  • Quick disconnects on output leads
  • Test control and data management with Bitrode
  • Up to three current ranges per circuit
  • Temperature, pressure, flow rate, and cell voltage monitoring
  • Digital inputs and Digital outputs with function assigned per individual program
  • Expression-based program limit conditions
  • Internal resistance calculation
  • Integration with Battery Management Systems: CAN
  • Battery simulation (Batsim) mode for electric motor/generator testing with user-specified controls: voltage, internal resistance, maximum current, maximum power
  • Parallel batsim mode for higher current requirements
  • Ramp charge/discharge
  • Constant resistance discharge
  • Remote Input Output (RIO) box reduces excessive cable lengths when connecting to remote test stations
  • Parallel controller (PCC) can control up to four circuits from separate units for higher power or higher current programs
  • Drive Cycle Conversion utility automates test program development from acquired battery usage data
  • Drive simulations with standard Electric Vehicle tests: FUDS, SFUDS, GSFUDS, DST and ECE-15L
  • Drive Cycle Testing
  • Integration with motor test benches
  • Cycle testing of EV/HEV Battery Packs
General Specifications

Voltage: 35-500V / 40-700V / 58-1000V (Zero Volt optional)

Current: up to 1000A (4000A in parallel)

Circuits: up to 2

Network: Ethernet

Power: up to 300kW per cabinet; up to 1.2MW when using an external parallel controller

Accuracy: ±0.1% of FS*

Data Sampling Rate: 10ms (1ms optional)

Current Slew Rate: <4ms (10-90%) (dependent on cabinet specs)

Peak Efficiency: >92% (with typical 89-92)

*Accuracy values are conservative assuming operation will be through the standard temperature range of 0-40˚ C and RH from 10-90% (non-condensing). Units calibrated and maintained in a temperature and humidity controlled environment can expect an accuracy of 0.02-0.05%FS.


The FTF is scalable to provide a maximum output power of 1.2MW. The FTF automated test system is designed to
provide continuous operation in high power applications where precise control of current and voltage is required.