CR: Constant Current Manual Charger

  • Constant current Charge Formation
  • Manual controls and indicators on the front panels of each circuit
  • Silicon controlled rectifier design for constant current control
  • Current and time adjustment controls on front panel
  • Ammeter on front panel
  • Constant-current, ampere-hour and power controls
  • Convection cooling for clean, quiet operation
  • Fused DC output
  • Automatic termination timer reduces current to zero when timer completes cycle
  • Two-rate charge control with two analog timers and tow current adjust potentiometers
  • Three-rate current control
  • Current limited constant potential control
  • Digital current or voltage displays
  • AC line disconnect
  • Single or multi-circuit cabinets available
  • Container charging of multiple battery strings
  • Tackless formation of automotive and industrial plates
General Specifications

Voltage: 300V

Current: 400A

Circuits: up to 8

Accuracy: +1% of FS*

Input Power Supply: 3-phase, 50/60 Hz


Bitrode’s model CR is a rugged, reliable thyristor controlled constant current manual formation charger used for forming industrial and automotive batteries. An analog ammeter, one current adjust controller, and convection cooling system come standard on all models.