FTF-HP – High Power Pack Testing System

  • New over-current, under-current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection standard on all models
  • No performance loss under voltage control
  • Quick disconnects on output leads
  • Test control and data management with Bitrode
  • Up to three current ranges per circuit
  • Temperature, pressure, flow rate, and cell voltage monitoring
  • Digital I/O
  • Drive simulations with standard Electric Vehicle tests: FUDS, SFUDS, GSFUDS, DST and ECE-15L
  • Drive Cycle Testing
  • Integration with motor test benches
  • Cycle testing of EV/HEV Battery Packs
  • Bi-directional DC power supply
General Specifications

Voltage: 33-500V / 40-700V / 58-1000V (Zero Volt optional)

Current: up to 1000A (4000A in parallel)

Power: 300KW to 1MW (700V max): Parallel operation: 4MW
300KW to 700KW (1000V max): Parallel operation 2.8MW

Accuracy: ±0.1% of FS*

Circuits: up to 2

Data Sampling Rate: 10ms (1ms optional)

Current Slew Rate: <10ms (10-90%)

Peak Efficiency: >92% (with typical 89 – 92)


The FTF-HP is by far the highest power test system in the market today. Scalable to provide a maximum output power of
4MW, the FTF-HP automated test system is designed to provide continuous operation in high power applications where
precise control of current and voltage is required.