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H P Instruments

H P Instruments was founded by Highly Experienced Personnel in the field of instrumentation; in March 1995. We bring the state-of-the-art scientific instruments from world renowned manufacturers. We are now one of the leading suppliers of scientific instruments in India. Our main area of operation is to cater to the needs of Indian Scientific community for quality control and analytical research, Optical Laboratories, Indian research institutions such as IISc (Indian Institute of Science), Defence Research Laboratories, Indian Space Research laboratories, Laboratory for Electro – Optics and Systems , Battery Industries, leading pharmaceutical companies and other industries. We also supply scientific equipment to universities and R&D centers. As such we have a wide range of clientele throughout the country.

Our Associates

a world class standard for cell, module, and pack battery testing equipment

Engineering and Equipment for Battery Manufacturing

Leading to the Future of Optics

Best conditions for your success

Your access to the nanoscale

We understand the importance of getting the right saturation in the plates

Cooling solutions for Crystallography

Achievement in Chiller Design



#435, 1st Floor, 6th avenue, 4th main, Teachers colony,
Koramangala PO, Bangalore 560034,

Karnataka, India