CD – Manual Charge/Discharge Formation

  • Constant current charge and discharge
  • Current control of +1% of maximum output
  • Formation of valve regulated for gelled batteries
  • Multi-step charge/discharge timer
  • Silicon controlled rectifier design
  • Six-phase bridge
  • Discharge energy to AC line
  • Quick disconnect PC board
  • Fused DC output
  • Front and rear access doors
  • Analog or digital timers for the charge and discharge steps. Up to a total of three steps of charge and discharge available.
  • Reverse polarity selection for tackless formation. With this option the model number designation is CDR with R designating the reverse polarity option
  • Series formation of multiple battery strings
  • Tackless formation of automotive and industrial plates
  • Dry-Charge formation
General Specifications

Voltage: 300V

Current: 0-300A

Circuits: 1

Input Power Supply: 3-phase, 50/60 Hz


Bitrode’s model CD is ideal for manual charge/discharge formation of large stationary batteries, series formation of multiple battery strings and tackless formation of automotive industrial plates.