Optical Test Instruments: OptiSpheric® and Spherometer



TRIOPTICS’ OptiSpheric® and Spherometer are the classic optical test systems for spherical lenses that can be found in virtually any optical manufacturing process.

 While the Spherometer is used for the tactile determination of lens radii, OptiSpheric® systems provide contactless measurement of effective focal length, back focal length, flange focal length, MTF on axis and the radius of lenses. Specific upgrades allow determining centration errors and angles on plane surfaces.

Systems for testing IOLs in compliance with EN/ISO 11979 form a class of their own. OptiSpheric® IOL R&D is preferably used for measuring single lenses while OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2 is designed for the fully automated IOL measurement in serial production.

TRIOPTICS offers μPhase® interferometers as self-contained modular parts as well as predefined turnkey solutions.



OptiSpheric® is the industry’s standard for lens testing and is used worldwide to completely measure and qualify optical components and systems.

OptiSpheric® AF 500 INV

OptiSpheric® AF 500 INV is a compact system for measuring effective focal lengths and flange focal length of camera lenses.

OptiSpheric® IOL R&D

OptiSpheric® IOL R&D allows to extensively test intraocular lenses in research and development.

OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2

OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2 is a fully automated optical test station designed and optimized for measurements of IOLs in production

Spherometers – Fast and efficient radius measurement of lenses

Spherometers - Fast and efficient radius measurement of lenses

Spherometers made by TRIOPTICS are used worldwide in hundreds of optics companies and laboratories for the precise measurement of the radius of curvature of concave and convex lenses.