Systems for Optical Centration Measurement and Alignment



The OptiCentric® product group sets the standard worldwide in optical centration measurement of lenses and optical systems in the UV, VIS and IR range. With extremely high centration measurement accuracy and their intuitive, holistic operation, OptiCentric® systems have become indispensable in modern optical engineering. Regardless of whether the sample has a small or very large diameter, weights a few grams or more than a ton: the right system is selected or configured depending on the sample and application:

  • The OptiCentric® 100/101 systems are the most versatile of the OptiCentric® product series. They measure and produce a wide range of samples with diameters from 0.5 mm to 250 mm and a weight of up to 20 kg.
  • The OptiCentric® 300 series measures sample up to a diameter of 400 mm and an axial load of 300 kg.
  • The OptiCentric® 300/600 UP devices transfer the advantages of the OptiCentric® 100 series to the measurement of large, heavy lens assemblies with a weight of up to 1200 kg and a diameter of 800 mm.

OptiCentric® 101

The industry standard for lens centering taken to the next level

OptiCentric® 100/300

The industry standard for centration measurement of all kinds of lenses

OptiCentric® 100/300 IR

OptiCentric® IR is a system for lens centering measurement which can be equipped with a VIS-MWIR or VIS-LWIR measurement head.

OptiCentric® 3D 100/300

Highly innovative full optomechanical testing or assembling of lens systems: centration, air gap and center thickness measurement

OptiCentric® 100/300 Dual

Advanced centration measurement with two measuring heads for lenses and complex optical systems

OptiCentric® 300/600 UP

The ultimate solution for ultra-accurate alignment, assembly and final inspection of large and heavy lenses

AspheroCheck® UP

Centration and tilt measurement of aspheres

OptiCentric® Linear

Rotation-free centration measurement allows fast and flexible testing.

OptiCentric® Linear PRO

Rotation-free centration measurement for serial production of lens batches

OptiCentric® & LensAlign

The compact solution doubles the efficiency of the lens alignment process of doublets. It allows for coaxial lens alignment of doublets and triplets and for the alignment of lenses to an arbor.

MultiCentric® & LensAlign

The system increases dramatically the efficiency of the coaxial lens alignment process for doublets.


OptiCentric Bonding Station 2D

Fully automated lens alignment and bonding of lenses into a cell

OptiCentric® Bonding Station 5D

Directional Adhesive Bonding in Five Degrees of Freedom

OptiCentric UltraPrecision Bonding

Ultra-accurate lens alignment and bonding of large heavy lenses into a cell

Laser Rod Test Station

The Laser Rod Test Station is a high-precision measurement system for the quality control of laser rods. It measures the tilt and parallelism of the end surfaces and the wavefront of the laser rod.