PrismMaster® goniometers are used for high-precision optical angle measurements on prisms, polygons and wedges.

SpectroMaster® Goniometer-spectrometers are used for high-precision determination of the refractive index and dispersion of optical glass and crystalline materials in the UV, VIS or IR spectral range.

PrismMaster® 300 HR

When accuracy really counts, there is nothing better than the PrismMaster® 300 HR. With an accuracy of 0.25 arcseconds it remains the world´s most accurate prism angle measurement device.

PrismMaster® 300

The TRIOPTICS PrismMaster® 300 is a high precision and versatile automatic goniometer for angular measurements of prisms, polygons and wedges.

PrismMaster® 150 HR

The new PrismMaster® 150 rounds off the PrismMaster series and is ideal for optical workshops as well as receipt and final inspection in a production environment.

PrismMaster® 150 MAN

Manual Compact Goniometer for Angular Measurements of  Prisms, Polygons and Wedges.

PrismMaster® 300 HR MAX

Fully automated, ultra precision prism goniometer for large samples

PrismMaster® Flex


The PrismMaster® Flex is a highly flexible goniometer for optics manufacturing.

SpectroMaster® HR Universal

The fully automatic SpectroMaster® HR Universal is the most accurate refractive index measurement system currently on the market. It has a maximum wavelength range of 195-12000 nm.

SpectroMaster® HR Compact

The SpectroMaster® HR Compact is a manual spectrometer using refractive optics. It is limited to a maximum wavelength range of 365-1014 nm.