Low-Coherence Interferometer for Center Thickness and Air Gap Measurement within UV, VIS and IR Lenses



OptiSurf® is the ideal tool for non-contact center thickness and air gap measurement of single lenses, planar optics and optical systems. The instrument is based on low-coherence interferometry and measures all distances in an optical system with an accuracy of up to 0.15 μm in one scan.

OptiSurf® is outstanding in compactness and ease of use as it incorporates all measurement and alignment components in a single system. It can either be used as a standalone system or in combination with OptiCentric®. Due to the compact footprint of the measurement head, OptiSurf® can also be incorporated into a customized application.


OptiSurf® measures center thicknesses and air gaps of lens systems and transparent materiales. Beside the standard version the OptiSurf® UltraPrecision and the OptiSurf® IR are available.

ATS 200

The first alignment turning station with fully integrated measurement technology machines cells with up to ø 200mm

ATS 400

The ATS 400 is especially suited to working with large work pieces with up to ø 400 mm