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Bitrode is an industry leading supplier of state-of-the-art laboratory systems in cell, module and pack testing for all chemistries.
Our full range of products from Cycle Life Testers for R&D of multiple chemistries and applications to High Rate Discharge testers for cold crank testing are configurable for testing to industry standards such as IEC, SAE, BCI and drive simulations for FUDS, SFUDS, GSFUDS, DST and ECE-15L. Additional standard product offerings for battery development and testing, as well as custom engineering services, offer our clients maximum control over every aspect of their testing protocols and methods.
As one of the largest battery formation and test equipment manufacturers in the world, Bitrode offers customers an extensive line of products designed to address the specific requirements of every battery application and chemistry in use today.
Fifty years of progressive, innovative engineering have resulted in the reliable, high performing, flexible designs that have set quality standards for the entire industry. Product offerings include designs for container formation for stationary industrial VRLA batteries and water bath formation featuring polarity reversal for tackless formation of automotive and industrial plates.
The software is an easy to use, fully featured, flexible and powerful programming tool for Bitrode equipment that enables the user to spend more time charging & testing and less time writing and debugging the test program.