RF Generators/Matching Networks


  • 13.56/27.12 MHz RF Generators
  • 20kHz to 2MHz Low Frequency Generators
  • Power Output from 600W to 5KW
  • Automatic or Manual Matching Networks
  • Torus Magnetron Sputter Sources

Torus    AE Power Supply

RF Generators (13.56MHz)

Comdel CX Series/13.56 MHz RF Gen’s

Comdel CPS Series/13.56 MHz Analog RF Gen’s

LF (Low-Frequency) Generators

Comdel CLX Series Low Frequency Gen’s

Matching Networks

Comdel CPMX Series Automatic Matching Networks

Product Manuals

Manual CX600-13.56MHz RF Generator

Manual CPM-1000 Matching Network

Manual CPS500AS-13.56MHz RF Generator