Alignment Turning Stations

If you want to produce mounted lenses with the highest possible manufacturing accuracy, you need the Alignment Turning Stations from TRIOPTICS. The stations allow for high precision machining of spherical, aspherical and infrared lenses.

The Alignment Turning Stations combine OptiCentric®, the world’s leading centration measurement system, with ultra-precise centering lathe machine.

The OptiCentric® measurement system is designed such that both surfaces of the lens can be simultaneously measured and assessed. As a result, when turning the cell it is possible to adjust and monitor all relevant parameters such as the diameter of the cell or the distances of the lens vertex to the cell’s bearing surfaces.

For more information on alignment turning please see our knowledge base.

ATS 200

The first alignment turning station with fully integrated measurement technology machines cells with up to ø 200mm

ATS 400

The ATS 400 is especially suited to working with large work pieces with up to ø 400 mm