Wide Strip Caster


Sovema strip casting & rolling line, type TR320/13


For continuous lead strip casting, in which the width of the raw strip can be up to max. 320mm in width and 13 mm thickness.
1) Automatic lead ingots feeder
robust chain conveyor for storing and transporting lead ingots to the melting pot.
A system of limit-switches synchronizes and controls step by step ingot feeding.

2) Up to 3 lead Melting Furnace, capacity 20 tons
steel melting crucible, open type, for easy cleaning; integrated delivery pump for molten lead alloys, temperature up to 600°c (1110 deg-f)2) Up to 3 lead melting furnace; flow control adjustable; electronically controlled heating; adjustable temperature control; weighing system to control the filling in the pot.

3) Alloy preparation system
the system allows the alloy to be prepared directly in the melting pot. Additives are introduced to the bottom of the pot where they are quickly mixed into the alloy by the re-circulating action of the pump.

4) TWIN ROLL Casting unit
for continuous lead strip casting, in which the width of the raw strip can be up to max. 320 mm in width and 13 mm thickness ; couple of rolls complete with drive for synchronizing with the following rolling mill; special ladle to feed the lead; special system to control the volume of cooling water automatic adjustable to control the temperature of the raw strip; automatic level control.

5) Rolling Mill
consisting of n° 6 rolling stands, plus 1 finishing rolling stands to roll the strip down to the final  thickness ranging between 0,7 mm to 1,01 mm(0,030″  to  0,040″). One  separated rolling stand to finish precisely the strip thickness; tank and re-circulation pump for the emulsion 1% oil in order to lubricate and control temperature on all the stands; water heat exchanger to control the oil emulsion liquid temperature.

6) Automatic raw strip cutter
this units cuts the raw strip into small pieces. this operation is used to return the raw strip back to casting if the downstream equipment has to be stopped, or at start-upwhen the initial few meters of raw strip need to be scrapped and returned to the melting pot.

7) Side trimming unit
the unit allows to cut the side of the strip to the required width up to 280 mm( 11″); the unit also provides the cutting of the scraps into small pieces, to be easily returned to the furnace. This station might cut  the strips, if any alarms occur.

8) Strip cleaning unit
the unit cleans and dries the strip by blowing air and returning residual emulsion back to the main tank.

9) TWIN recoiler
coil can store up  to 2720 kg (6,000 lbs)   for strip width 280 mm (11″) , max coil diameter 1.150 mm reel diameter max  1.200 mm.  It is a unit which is able to rotate of 180° on a horizontal axis; the unit supports two rolling coils and when one coil is completed, it is cut and then, the strip starts automatically to wind into the second coiling station. In the meantime, the full coil is vertically stored on a shuttle  and moved in order to allow an easy access, removal and load of the new empty coil.