Plate Curing Chamber

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Current systems, primarily batch processes, require at least 48 hours and in many cases up to 72 hours or more for a batch of plates to be ready for further processing.

Typically, manufactures load one chamber for every shift, with some manufactures waiting for up to 24 hours before starting the process. the first pallet loaded must wait for the final pallet to be loaded (full oven) before the process is initiated.

This means that the first pallet could be waiting for as long as 24 hours before the process is started.

The sovema fast curing system has eliminated the inefficiency of this process and offers the manufacturer the opportunity to maximise their production with a systems approach to this very time consuming part of battery manufacturing.

By providing single width batch chambers, it has been proven that the consistency and quality of the curing and drying process can be predictable and repeatable while requiring significantly less time when the plates are subjected to proper curing and drying conditions.

The conversion of free leads are directly effected by the upstream processes of oxide production, paste mixing, and flash drying. the curing oven only finishes a chemical reaction that is already taking place. therefore, the curing phase of the curing/drying chamber is focused on presenting the plates in the most controllable environment so that temperature and relative humidity specifications are met and maintained with the minimal required external energy inputs. the sovema chambers are designed so that consistency and quality of the cure is the only priority.


Sovema Curing Chamber