Pasting Machine “Double-sided”



The machine is ideal for pasting both sides of low-antimony or calcium grids up to 4,5 mm in thickness. a variable speed, easy to adjust vacuum type grid feeding system is provided. two belts are fitted: one soft polyester belt drives the plates under the hopper, the second rigid belt is fitted at the exit of the hopper to ensure perfect calibration. A pair of motor-driven rollers are fitted between the two belts to apply paste to the lower face of the grids. The 7,5 kw main motor, with inverted-controlled speed settings, ensures the movement of the entire belt system and rollers, as well as the loader. The specially designed hopper is divided into two sections: the first part is used to feed the paste for both the upper and the lower sides of the grid; the second section calibrates the thickness of the plate. The hopper unit is raised and lowered by means of a powerful air cylinder. Rubber finishing rolls with water sprays also have a solenoid interlock with the main motor, to shut off the water supply when machine stops. The automatic stop mechanism operates if double or on grids are fed into the hopper. The belts can be changed rapidly and there is a centralized lubrication system for all moving parts. The standard machine is supplied complete with control panel on the machine itself, the main electric board, a pasting belt and one set of hopper shoes to customer specifications.


Sovema Pasting