Heat Sealing Machine


the sovema battery cover heat sealing system is capable of handling the entire range of car and truck starter batteries currently available on the market (3×1, 6×1, 3×2 or other variations based on the same average dimensions).

the major features of the machine are: reliability of the heating system, ease and flexibility for rapid tooling changes and rugged machine design.
the system comprises a heating plate and a cover pick-up system in three possible different configuration according to the automation required.
the hot plates are mounted on a controlled, electrically-heated surface used for all batteries and the sealing equipment consist of the jigs for different sizes, which will be assembled in a pre-set position.
all machine movement are equipped with bearings to ensure durability and operating precision. all components are fitted on a rugged frame which is encolsed by safety guards in operator access areas and a suction hood to eliminate fumes caused by the melting of polypropylene.


Heat Sealing Machine