Dry Charge Oven

drycharge oven_large
This inert-atmosphere drying oven is designed for the simultaneous drying of both negative and positive plates. the inert atmosphere consists of oxygen-free combustion residues, generated by a special controlled-combustion burner. The gases generated in the firebox (built of special steel resistant to high temperatures) are mixed into the main recirculated flow; part of the in-process gas is evacuated through a stack, in order to adjust internal pressure. A by-pass valve on the main fan can be set to branch off part of the flow, returning it to the firebox without completing the cycle. this provides a further means of controlling both the firebox temperature and the exhaust pressure. Water sprays are fitted in the lower part of the oven to cool the recirculating gases and condense the moisture thereby collected via a droplet separator. The plates are introduced into the oven supported by a special frame in stainless steel from the top by means of a winch. Oven capacity depends on plate dimensions and layout: typical output for standard automotive sizes positioned in formation racks is 4500 plates over a drying cycle of 50-60 minutes (excluding loading and unloading times). All internal and external panels that may come into contact with acid (including the outside coating) are in stainless steel aisi31bl. the separate electrical control panel includes the electronic system for controlling process temperature. Versions for both automotive and industrial plates are available.


Sovema Dry Charge Oven