Drum Paster


This machine is designed specifically for pasting grids produced with any continuous plate making technology.
With the plates having a paper lining on both sides, paste can be smeared on a smooth steel surface.
This ensures maximum accuracy of final plate thickness and weight.
The pasting operation of the drum paster is achieved by using a special hopper which distributes the paste over a strip of expanded metal mesh, which is driven by a steel roller supporting and guiding it throughout the pasting operation.
This process eliminates all of the problems associated with cotton and steel belts such as: belt consumption costs, different results over the working life o the belt, weight variations caused by variations in belt thickness, belt centering problems, and hopper adjustments arising from reduced belt thickness.
The moving parts of the drum are made of steel and rigidly linked together.
Once correct pasting parameters are set, there no need for further adjustments, therefore achieving low maintenance.