Cast on Strap


The machine is designed for 6-12 volt starter batteries with groups of thickness between 32-120 mm; two automotive batteries are cast simultaneously when groups have a maximum thickness of 56 mm.The machine consists of 4 working positions linked by a rotary table.

The following operations are performed:

  • Manual loading
  • Brushing of the lugs and group pre-alignment on racks
  • De-oxidizing and heating of lugs
  • Immersion welding of groups
  • Manual unloading of welded groups

The standard machine is equipped with the following items:

  • Rotary table with 4 working position and air-operated up-down movement. The rotation cycle plus up and down movements takes 5-6 seconds. The racks fitted to table are self-adjusting for groups of different thickness.
  • The loading station is fitted with an holed bench, connected to the dust exhausting system.
  • Lugs brushing device
  • De oxidizing and closed circuit air heating unit.
  • Lead level control gauge on melting pot, available in gas/electric heating.
  • Unloading station with bench having holed surface connected to the dust exhausting system.
  • One set of racks for groups of 23-56 mm in thickness.
  • Power control panel and programmable controller.


15_cast on strap