Cooling flat plate powder samples to 12 K

The Phenix is a unique closed cycle helium cryostat specifically designed for powder diffraction at very low temperatures. The PheniX is designed to be mounted onto a vertical goniometer and can be supplied with mounting plates for various powder systems. Benefits of the PheniX include:

  • Fast cool down time, 20 K in 45 minutes, 12 K in 60 minutes.
  • Warm up time of only 40 minutes for fast sample change
  • High stability of 0.1 K
  • Tilting sample stage, allowing stage to be rotated with the goniometer
  • Remote control and monitoring available via CryoConnector and Oxford Connect

A 2-stage closed cycle cooler is mounted within the body of the PheniX and operates using compressed helium gas provided by the water-cooled Cryodrive compressor. The sample stage is cooled by the conduction of heat between the sample stage and the cold stages of the Coldhead. Note that there is no helium gas consumption in this system. A Turbomolecular vacuum outfit is used to continuously pump the vacuum space to minimise unwanted heat leaks into the system.

The design of the PheniX means it is very easy to set-up and facilitates accessibility to the sample stage. For further information on integration of the PheniX with your powder diffractometer, we recommend you speak to the relevant manufacturer or contact us for further details.