Desktop Cooler


Uncomplicated sample cooling to 170 K

The Desktop Cooler (DTC) combines the convenience of a non-liquid system with the low maintenance and low cost associated with the traditional Cryostream. With a base temperature of 170 K using only dry air, this system is perfect for routine small molecule crystallography.

The compact DTC refrigerator unit incorporates a mechanical stirling cooler which cools compressed dry air (or nitrogen gas if required for certain samples). This cool gas is then delivered to the sample via a vacuum insulated transfer line and delivery nozzle. The unit also delivers a second stream of dry air  at room temperature which acts as the shield gas, preventing icing of the sample. The Desktop Cooler consists of the DTC unit incorporating mechanical Stirling cooler, fitted with flexible transfer line and delivery nozzle, a 2-stage rotary pump and power supply.

The DTC requires a feed of dry air or dry nitrogen gas. Many labs have access to a piped-in dry air or nitrogen supply which can be used directly by the DTC. If dry air is not available , Oxford Cryosystems can supply our  AD51 dry air unit,  which has been used with the Cryostream for many years. The Desktop Cooler offers:

  • No liquid nitrogen required
  • Compact self-contained system, no cooling water required
  • Base temperature of 170 K
  • No consumables and very  low maintenance
  • Cryopad DTC software for control via PC