Cryostream 800


Nearly 30 years after the development of the first Cryostream, Oxford Cryosystems is proud to announce the launch of the new 800 series Cryostream, the fourth generation of a system that has become the world’s favourite low temperature system for X-ray crystallography. 

We’ve added some exciting new features…

  • The 800 series controller now boasts an ergonomic design with  easy to use touch screen and one-touch start. The controller now incorporates USB and Ethernet connectivity so that all users have the option to monitor and control their Cryostream via Oxford Connect, our web interface.
  • The 800 series coldhead has a new space-saving design for easy integration with all X-ray systems, and the head now integrated a dry air channel for increased flexibility.
  • The new gas pump offers quiet long-term performance, with no need for maintenance- so no more diaphragm swaps and has a colour screen indicating the hour count and status, for easy checking or diagnosis

…and we’ve retained the best bits of the 700

  • Best available temperature range of 80- 400K for the 800 standard, and 80- 500 K for 800 Plus
  • Proven stability in excess of 0.1 K
  • On-line and local data logging, monitoring and control
  • Fast cool-down to 100 Kelvin in just 20 minutes
  • Low & constant LN2 consumption means a 60 litre Dewar can last up to 4 days

The Cryostream 800 is available in standard, Plus, Compact and Long Leg configurations.