80 – 500 K without liquid nitrogen

Cobra is the non-liquid nitrogen Cryostream. Combining the efficiency of a Cryostream with the advantages of a non-liquid system, the Cobra offers the ultimate solution for both macromolecular and small molecule crystallography.

Cobra has been designed for use in labs where access to liquid nitrogen is logistically difficult to achieve or prohibitively expensive. The Cobra incorporates a closed cycle Gifford McMahon Cryocooler, manufactured by Oxford Cryosystems. The integrated coldhead cools nitrogen gas, resulting in a virtually endless cold stream at any temperature the user requires, from 80 – 400 K for the standard Cobra or 80 – 500 K for the Cobra Plus.

Labs with an existing room temperature nitrogen gas supply can use this source, or alternatively Oxford Cryosystems can supply a separate compact generator unit, which produces dry high quality nitrogen gas from the air.

The Cobra offers:

  • Superior nozzle design for better laminar flow and less icing than other LT devices
  • Broad temperature range of 80 – 400 K (or 80 – 500 K for Plus version)
  • Fast cooldown time (40 mins to 100 K)
  • Superior stability of 0.1 K
  • Remote control and monitoring available via CryoConnector and Oxford Connect