Cooling and heating chamber for powder diffraction

The Chimera is the new variable temperature chamber for flat plate powder samples from  Oxford Cryosystems, with a temperature range of 70- 525 K, and excellent stability of 0.1 K. Unlike traditional cooling and heater chambers, the Chimera works by incorporating an Oxford Cryosystems single stage GM cooler, meaning that no liquid nitrogen is required.

Features of the Chimera

  • Incorporates single stage Oxford Cryosystems GM coldhead, so no consumption of cryogens
  • Temperature range of 70- 525 K and excellent stability of 0.1 K
  • Ramp rates of  1-360 K/hour  for complete temperature control
  • Cooldown to 100 K from RT in 35 minutes
  • Warm up to 525 K from RT in 40 minutes
  • Compact head allows easy sample access and can be fitted to most popular vertical goniometers
  • Remote control and monitoring available via CryoConnector and Oxford Connect

For further information on integration of the Chimera with your powder diffractometer.