Taking dilution to a safer and more cost efficient level

At Källström we design and produce acid dilution systems for different capacities and acid densities, for both batch- and continuous mixing.
We use the most advanced technology within mass flow measuring (Coriolis) and thus guarantee en high accuracy of ± 0.001g/cm3.
We develop everything from small manual to fully automatic systems with a capacity up to 6m3/h.

​Together with the systems we offer fully equipped plastic tanks from 500 to 50 000 l.
The tanks are strictly made according to standard EN 10 204-2.1, which guarantees high safety and long working life.

​We also offer a simple semi-automatic system for the small production.

acid-mixing        Mixing-tank-with-stand

Except for different storage tanks the system can be supplied with:

  • Chiller/cooler unit
  • Production of de-ionized water (ion-exchange or reversed osmosis),
  • Filtration and sedimentation of waste acid that can be used in the dilution process
  • Dosing system for additives like Na2SO4 and NaOH


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