Filling of SLI batteries (flooded)

The most common way to for these batteries nowadays is pressure-aided filling and each cell is either filled to a specific level or a specific volume.
However Källström still offers machines that use vacuum-aided filling level filling.

​The level filling machine is typically used for filling before and after formation (top-up leveling).
The volumetric filler is typically used before formation at a one shot formation.

For level filling the accuracy is ±1mm and for volumetric the accuracy is ±0.5-1% depending on filling volume.

As option the machines can be equipped with acid level control, reject station, automatic height adjustment, tank for several acid densities and acid cooling.

We supply fully automatic machines with a capacity up to 15 batteries/minute and small semi-automatic machines suitable for the small factory or the battery depot.

The machines are designed to fill all kind of SLI batteries from motor cycle to truck batteries.

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