Filling of gel batteries and mixing of gel

Due to the different designs of gel batteries different type of fillers are suitable.
A gel battery must sometimes be filled with vacuum and requires a specific volume/weight in each cell, which is similar to AGM battery.
In other cases a gel battery can be filled by pressure/gravity and requires a specific level in each cell, which is similar to a flooded battery. For all cases Källström can provide the correct filling equipment.

Before the gel electrolyte has to be mixed and for this pupose Källström has developed our own in-line gel mixing unit for sulphuric acid and Colloidal silica. This unit can be incorporated with any type of filler.

The mixing unit consists of a mixing pump, stand, valves, static mixer, distribution pump (option) and an intermediate tank. A divided tank for acid and silica is located at the bottom of the stand.
The mixing ratio Silica: Acid is adjustable from 0-1:1 to fit any recipe.
All parts are acid resistant materials: PVC, PP, Hastelloy or acid-proof stainless steel.
This unit can be integrated with storage tanks for acid or Colloidal silica, acid cooling and dosing system for additives like Na2SO4 and NaOH











  • In-line mixing of sulphuric acid and Colloidal silica
  • Adjustable mixing ratio Silica: Acid from 0-1:1 to fit any recipe
  • Incorporated with any type of filler
  • Acid Proof design
  • Storage tanks for acid and Colloidal silica (option)
  • Acid cooling (option)
  • Dosing system for additives like Na2SO4 and NaOH (option)