AGM Batteries

Filling of AGM batteries

The combination of vacuum filling and high filling accuracy makes the filling process complicated for these batteries.

The vacuum is created by powerful pumps with a capacity down to -99.5% relative pressure.
The actual vacuum used will be optimized for each battery type.

To achieve the high filling accuracy either Coriolis mass flow meters or Electromagnetic flow meters are used.
The former measures the mass with a accuracy down to ± 3g and the latter the volume with a accuracy down to ±0.5%.
For really small volumes < 100ml/cell (i.e. Motor cycle batteries) we use special made syringepumps. The mass/volume is separately measured for each cell.

As options to the AGM filling machine we offer acid cooling, battery weighing, gel mixing and product identification system.
Källström has a long experience in building machines for these demanding batteries and we offer state-of-the-art machines
based on this experience.

Machines for monoblock/block batteries

  • Acid Filler SF4-8 General
  • Acid Filler SF4-8S (Single)
  • Acid Filler SF4-8D (Double)
  • Acid Filler SF4-8T (Triple)