Acid Filler SF4-8S (Single)

SF4-8S fills AGM batteries according to the vacuum principle with a preselected mass or volume per cell. The machine consists of a stand with a 1500 mm belt conveyor, a measuring unit and filling unit. A tank equipped with a pump, valves and level control is placed at the bottom of the stand.

​The filling unit consists of one filling station with a fixed or a movable a filling head.
The machine with fixed filling head is equipped with a lifting table.
The advantages with fixed filling head are higher accuracy and shorter change over time.

If you are unsure what is needed or to decrease the initial investment it is possible to have a machine that can be retro fitted with additionalfilling head in the future.

The filling unit is also fitted with one vacuum pump.

The measuring unit consists of six volume vessels, one for each cell, with valves.  The volume vessels are connected to one highly accurate mass flow sensors of Coriolis type or an electromagnetic volume sensor.

All parts that come into direct contact with acid are made of PVC, PP or Hastelloy 267. The stand, cylinders and the cabinets are made of stainless acid-proof steel. Non-acid proof items are protected.

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Acid Filler SF4-8S with space for a second filling head