Acid Filler SF4-8 General

Acid Filler SF4-8 General

​This is a fully automatic machine for VRLA batteries. The flling is made by vacuum each cell is filled with a preselected mass or volume. It offers high accuracy and high capacity in combination with great flexibility and robust design.

The capacity of the machine depends in the amount of filling heads and the battery design.

Principle of filling:

Independent of machine the principle of filling is always the same.

filling-principle  Principle of filling:

The filler is designed for filling re-combined lead acid batteries.
This is done by using the vacuum to remove air inside the battery and then using atmospheric pressure to force the acid into the battery.The cycle is controlled by a vacuum switch to monitor the pressure and sensors in the filling head detecting if all the pre-measured acid has been dispensed into the battery.
The cycle will start when the battery has reached the filling station. The lifting table will move the battery up towards the filling head (or the filling head will move down) in order to form a seal.
Vacuum is created inside the battery, through the initial vacuum valves.
Once the vacuum set-point has been reached the filling and venting valves will open and allow the acid into the battery. This procedure alternating between vacuum and atmospheric pressure is repeated until no more acid is detected by the optical sensors in the filling head.
As soon as one battery has been filled the transfer valves are opened and the pre-measured acid is transferred from the volume vessels into the expansion vessels in order to be ready for the next battery.

Amount of filling heads:

The machine is available in Single (S), Double (D) and Triple (T) headed version.
If you are unsure what is needed or to decrease the initial investment it is possible to have a machine that can be retro fitted with additional filling head(s) in the future.



Acid Filler SF4-8T (Triple) with three indpendently working filling heads

Type of filling heads:

The SF4-8 is equipped with either fixed filling heads or movable filling heads.
In a machine with fixed filling head the batteries are lifted to the filling head.
The advantages with this design are better filling accuracy and shorter change over time.

Fixed Filling head

The filling unit consists of one filling station with a fixed filling head. To ensure a quick change over time, each type of battery has its own set of filling heads that are easy to change. The battey is lifted to the filling head.


Fixed-filling-head-2Fixed filling head special made for each type of battery

Movable filling head

The filling unit consists of one filling station with a movable a filling head. The filling head has 6 adjustable filling nozzles.
To ensure a quick change over time, each type of battery has its own template for quick adjustment of the filling nozzle.


Templates-2Template for adjustment of filling nozzles

Measuring device and Accuracy:

Each filling head is connected to highly accurate flow meter: either a Coriolis mass flow meter or Electromagnetic flow meter.

The Coriolis mass flow meter measures the mass and the Electromagnetic flow meter measures the volume.

With the Corilois mass flow meter it is also possible to measure acid temperature and acid density.

The filling accuracy depends on type of meter and machine design and are as follows:​

 Fixed filling head  Movable filling head
 Coriolis mass flow meter  ±3g  ±5g
 Electromagnetic flow meter  ±0.5% (Volumes> 250 ml)  ±0.75% (Volumes> 250 ml)



Coriolis mass flow meter





In most cases the filler is supplied with a Källström weighing system that weigh the batteries before and after the filling. The PLC on the filler will calculate the filling weight and if it not correct it will be rejected by the reject station at the second weighing station.




Acid Filler SF4-8D with battey weighing system

Other options are:

  • Acid cooling
  • Acid density and temperatues measuring (Coriolis)
  • Tank for several acid densities
  • Gel mixing and Gel filling
  • Filling of 6,16,18 & 36V batteries
  • Filling of flooded batteries
  • Barcode reader & data base for product identification & data acquisition