VRL/VRX: High Current Production Line Test
  • Solid state Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) load switching for superior reliability and repeatability
  • Units available to discharge at current from 0 up to 1500 or 3000 amperes with voltage control from 0 to 14 volts
  • Manual control and monitoring on the Model VRL
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) interface for Model VRX
  • Manual or PLC controlled models available
  • Open circuit test and reject for up to 25 volts
  • Connection to a Bitrode Model TFX automatic test fixture for unattended high current discharge testing
  • Water cooling for heat generating components with automatic over temperature and low water level shutdown control
  • Available discharge of 6 or 12 volts
  • Single or two step discharge testing
  • VisualTFX for shared storage of unlimited number of battery program
  • High rate discharge testing of automotive and commercial batteries
  • High current production line testing
General Specifications

Voltage: 20V

Current: 3000A

Circuits: up to 2 (PLC controlled)

Accuracy: +1% of FS


High current discharge testing on the production line is a vital part of automotive and commercial battery manufacturing, and Bitrode`s model TFX is designed for just this task. The TFX combines the toughness required to operate reliably in the harsh environment of a battery facility with the most current of networking and productivity tools, ensuring that testing can be smoothly integrated with production workflow and data across the entire manufacturing enterprise.